What's A Viscosity Rating And Why Is It Important?

If you're very observant, you've likely noticed a string of numbers and letters on your motor oil bottles, and possibly wondered what they meant. That string of letters and numbers is your oil's viscosity rating, and it can be a pretty big deal.

Viscosity is important. It measures the flow resistance of your oil. All liquids have some viscosity, and you can see it by pouring them out. For example, water will flow quickly, meaning it has a low viscosity. Likewise, ketchup has very high viscosity and will flow slowly.

The viscosity rating of your oil is normally represented by two numbers. A number before a 'W' indicates the oil's viscosity at cold temperatures, and the number after that is its viscosity while the engine is hot. For example, 10W-30 motor oil will have a lower viscosity when cold, and a higher viscosity when hot, which is exactly the behavior that you want most of the time.

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