Ignore the Importance of Brake Fluid at Your Own Peril

If you’re like the majority of drivers, you’re fairly clueless about how your brakes work. All you know is that when you push down on the brake pedal, your vehicle is supposed to stop. Unfortunately, this may not happen as you expect if it is old and compromised, which is why it's essential that all Monroeville, PA drivers have their brake fluid changed as recommended by their manufacturer.

When you press your foot on the brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid then rushes to each brake to provide the pressure needed to bring the vehicle to a stop. The issue is that brake fluid can become contaminated and possibly compromised by moisture over time, and this can drastically affect your braking ability and potentially lead to a total brake failure.

Therefore, if it has been some time since you’ve had your brakes serviced or your brake fluid checked, it’s a good idea to contact us at Monroeville Chrysler Jeep. The staff in our service center will be happy to fully inspect your brakes, change your brake fluid and perform any other maintenance tasks you need.

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