Get Some Traction

If you have ever driven in the winter, you know that it can be challenging at times. Sometimes you will even get stuck, and it can be difficult to get off the ice. Sand, litter, and salt are all great tools to help give you the traction you need to get going again.

Come see us at Monroeville Chrysler Jeep to get your vehicle winterized. If you are not sure which is the best to use-sand, salt, or litter, they will all work in a pinch, and something is better than nothing.

Sand is a good pick since it is cheap and will give you great traction in the snow, slush, or on the ice. Litter also works well but it can get messy, and it can be more expensive, but it is readily available. Salt is another great choice but it can cause your vehicle to rust so get it washed.
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